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Monade Consulting

Why we exist

Monade was formed in 2019 but the driving force for our company goes back to 2005 when our founder was diagnosed with a rare type of leukaemia. The experience of trying to find support and information, dealing with a fragmented healthcare system, feeling isolated and disconnected from her cancer, all led her to want to help others avoid this situation. From a negative came something positive and meaningful - a focus on improving patient experience - through collaboration with all stakeholders involved in that experience. Our focus has expanded beyond human health, but it remains rooted in the concepts of experience design and engagement.

Elevating patient experiences

About Us

It takes a village

Creating positive changes needed to elevate health interactions takes a tremendous effort on the part of the healthcare industry - physicians, patients, payers, biopharma and hospital systems need to join forces to both adopt and drive these changes forward. 

We are honoured to work with an amazing network of collaborators, experienced strategists, designers, media specialists and tech consultants who support us in delivering creative and  impactful experiences. Together we work across the health ecosystem, including clinical, consumer, social and animal health.

Collaborating to improve outcomes


The Stem

The Stem is a networked consultancy specialising in healthcare customer engagement and digital transformation. Work with over 250 of the industry's most talented independent consultants.



merakoi offers a unique opportunity for health companies to collaborate with a diverse network of patients with lived disease expertise, facilitating a patient-led approach in designing health solutions.


Affinity Med Comms

With 20 years’ experience in medical affairs, scientific communications, and market access, Affinity is a trusted partner in navigating the intricate challenges and opportunities in the healthcare domain.


Clear Rising

Clear Rising appllies psychology and empathic understanding into user research to offer in-depth analysis into why people behave, react, and feel the way they do. 



Emerse is a Demand Side Platform (DSP) who supports Monade in ensuring your story reaches the right audience at the right time to drive action and engagement.


Bear Jam

Great stories are creative, educational, human, and entertaining. Bear Jam are passionate about bringing your stories to life through bold, powerful videos.

Learn more about our network

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