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Case study:  Growing a citizen science community for advanced cancer patients

Science focused US cancer community


Cancer Patient Lab


  • User Experience

  • Engagement strategy

  • Search and social media

What was the challenge?

A US based charity empowering people living with advanced and complex cancers to make data-driven treatment decisions needed to grow and expand their patient community. Reviewing their website and social media channels, it quickly became evident that growth could only happen with a joined up strategy that focused on improving the patient experience.

How did we solve it?

Working closely with the charity’s founders, we review their existing assets and discussed their business objectives and medium term strategy before:

  1. Collaborating on the development of a new website - updating copy and writing new copy, creating SEO tags, developing brand colours and selecting imagery that would resonate with potential community members

  2. Optimising their YouTube channel with playlists, tagging and improved titles and descriptions

  3. Collaborating with advisors on overarching strategy, marketing strategy and tactics for the short to medium term

  4. Improving the user experience and onboarding for their Circle community

What were the outcomes?

  • Consistent branding across all digital assets with well defined key messages

  • Increased visibility for brand and niche key phrases (work still ongoing on linking strategy for harder to rank keyword)

  • Improved onboarding flow and resources to support new community members in connecting and engaging with the community 

  • Agreed growth strategy co-developed with founders and key advisors

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