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Case study:  Creating a strategic narrative in CKD

Strategic narrative

Client Partner

Closer Look


  • Strategic narrative

  • Behaviour change

  • Engagement strategy

What was the challenge?

A global biopharma company was looking to differentiate a new type of treatment for a significant complication of chronic kidney disease. Ahead of marketing approval, they wanted to pave the way for commercialisation and identify an ownable and unique space that would separate them from the competition.

How did we solve it?

Working with US agency Closer Look, we started by reviewing unbranded and branded competitor positioning and understanding the needs of prescribers, followed by:

  1. Defining personas for key prescriber segments based on attitudes, beliefs and behaviours

  2. Developed the brand character and narrative in collaborative sessions with the client teams

  3. Adapted statements from the brand narrative for each priority HCP segment into message flows

  4. Validation of narrative by KOLs, and finalisation of unbranded campaign character

What were the outcomes?

  • An ownable disease state platform that articulates the unmet needs in CKD, but also differentiates the client's product from their biggest competitor 

  • Alignment with key internal stakeholders around the strategic recommendations we delivered

  • Adoption of the brand positioning and key messages across disease education assets and campaign materials

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