After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.

                                                                                                                                                    Sir Philip Pullman, author

What story do you need to tell? Right now there are so many stories in healthcare - stories from pharma brands, from patients, nurses, doctors, hospitals, regulators, charities - the list goes on. But what makes a good story resonate with its intended audience? Good stories need authenticity, empathy, and a human side that we can relate to, but more than that, they need to take us on a journey.

For many years, I have worked with healthcare brands, and seen disjointed stories from a singular perspective. Some have been fascinating, full of scientific innovation, rich history, marvellous discoveries that improve peoples health and lives. But the stories don't follow a single thread, and so they sometimes lose their readers after one chapter!

It is rare to see any healthcare brand with a strong, developed narrative that anchors their stories. This is what is missing. No matter if your customer is a clinician, a payer, or a colleague, they should be able to jump into your story at different points and still get to the same ending.


  • Competitor research

  • Digital landscaping

  • User research

  • Research insight and gap analysis

  • Strategy and roadmapping


  • Finding your purpose

  • From past to future - stakeholder interviews

  • Value proposition and business canvas

  • Mapping story flow

  • Alignment with content creators


  • Scientific content

  • Content co-creation (patients and/or HCPs)

  • Corporate brand stories

  • White papers or thought leadership pieces

  • Social media content


  • Creating KPI framework

  • Digital multichannel planning (paid media)

  • Influencer mapping and engagement plan

  • Content dissemination planning

  • Tactical marketing execution 

Featured work

Developing a new brand franchise

Monade was approached by a global biotech client who were launching products in a new disease area, a separate business unit with a strong commercial focus.

To support this exciting new endeavour, they needed fresh insight and creativity to create their product and franchise websites, social media content and communication plans. Collaborating with their team and existing creative agencies, our team created global and country specific disease and product content for multiple audiences, aligned around narrative anchor points with strong resonance around our collective love of travel and adventure.

  • Research insight and gap analysis

  • User research and persona development

  • Social media landscape 

  • Scientific and disease awareness content

  • Digital multichannel strategy

  • HCP access compliance framework

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