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Case study:  Patient solution co-design to address adherence challenge

Solution Co-design

Client Partner



  • Design thinking

  • Patient experience panels

  • Experience design strategy

What was the challenge?

A global pharma company struggled with significant treatment persistence issues, despite running over a dozen branded and unbranded patient support programmes across three regions. They wanted to consolidate the number of PSPs they had across their top regions, and improve the experience for patients to increase retention, engagement, and ultimately, to improve persistence.

How did we solve it?

Working with Patient Engagement company Merakoi, we set up a Patient Experience Panel with 6 patient experts to run agile co-design sprints over 3 months:

  1. Systematic review of patient unmet needs and synthesis of pain points related to persistence

  2. Design of high-fidelity prototypes of a modular solution, including specialists, nurses, and patients

  3. Testing of solution prototypes with a panel of nurses and patients drawn from target patient populations

  4. Formulation of value proposition to aid internal and external communications

What were the outcomes?

  • A clear recommendation on improving persistence from key stakeholders: patients, specialists, and nurses 

  • Adoption and integration of co-designed modules into existing solutions on regional levels

  • Gap analysis and path to collaboration across the organisation, where previously this was lacking

  • Unanimous support for replicating the co-design approach in future activities

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