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Experience design at Monade Consulting

Designing experiences that create real impact

We believe in the power of connection.

Meaningful interactions help us to feel a part of something bigger. They connect us to a shared purpose and drive change. At Monade Consulting, we focus on enhancing interactions and experiences to make health more human - more about us, and about more than us.
Collaborating for better health outcomes
A global healthcare consultancy


Our Focus Areas

A collaborative partner across the health ecosystem, we offer experience design strategy for life sciences, non-profits, and rewilding / conservation health projects. 


Life Sciences

Collectively our consultant network has over 100 years experience working with and in biopharmaceutical companies and health tech. We apply experience design principles across commercial, medical, clinical operations, digital and communications teams to create personalised moments that change behaviours and perspectives.

Biopharma sector expertise


Social Health

Nonprofits face unique challenges across fundraising, volunteer retention and management, and demonstrating impact. Donor and member experience is critical in maintaining the financial health of the organisation. From narrative and experience design to marketing automation, we can help you increase engagement and unlock funding from new sources.

Social health sector expertise


Natural World

Our world is in crisis - biodiversity loss, industrialised agriculture, climate change - have all taken their toll on the health of our planet. Those working in rewilding, ecological restoration and eco-farming face specific challenges in commercialisation and communication. We can support in both areas, bringing insight and strategy to help unlock opportunities that support this vital work.

Conservation sector expertise

Our Services and Capabilities


Actionable Insights

We synthesise user insights, outcomes from digital assets audits, competitive landscaping and data analysis into a singular view and align that to your goals and objectives to create a roadmap that propels growth.


Engagement Strategy

True engagement creates connections that remove barriers and foster authentic conversations. We help you develop a strategic approach that individualises engagement - rather than a one size fits all approach.


Strategic Narrative / Storytelling

Your brand narrative is more than a collection of differentiating content and values. It's a shared outcome between you and those who are part of your story. Through visioning workshops and stakeholder interviews, we can help you define and articulate your story, weaving together existing content and layering new threads to engage and immerse your audience in new ways.


Experience Design (XD) Strategy

A strategic approach to designing great experiences, XD is a marriage of behavioural science, UX and personalisation applied to a brand or product lifecycle. Let us help you take customer experience to new heights!


Solution Co-design

Moving away from traditional product design methodologies to an approach of continual improvements, we collaborate with end users throughout the design process to ensure your app, site or other solution is fit for purpose.

Our Work

Medical congress


Global to local congress strategy to improve HCP engagement

Experience design


Patient solution co-design to address adherence challenge

Strategic narrative


Creating a strategic narrative for complications in CKD

Scientific community


Growing a citizen science community for advanced cancer patients

Monade Consulting
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