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Protecting and improving health, it's not just about labs and technology, hospitals and medications. The very business of healthcare is built around people - people who want to be part of something meaningful, something bigger than ourselves, something that helps others. 

Yet when we look at the business side of healthcare, it's broken. Too few resources, doctors stretched to their limits, patient voices not being heard, systems unable to cope. Humanity is missing in life sciences too. Strategies are aligned to business needs but less often to customer or patient needs. This means assets, content, and communications are also out of sync with those needs. 

How can we make strategic planning more human? How do we begin to align brand stories to wider strategic narratives that are driven by needs, by empathy, and by understanding? And how do we create stories that not only resonate and engage, but inspire and drive change?

Monade brings strategy and storytelling together to address these challenges. Let's create meaningful stories together!


Begin with your vision and roadmap

Every great story has a start and an ending, and in between those points is a whole world of adventure. Your brand story is the same. Where you are today is not where you want to be in a year. But in order to write your best story we first have to understand your starting point, and what your vision of the future is. No matter where you are on your journey, we can help you map out what's ahead. Aligning around your business objectives, identifying the gaps in your understanding - whether that is customer insight, competitor landscape, patient needs or something else. We'll collaborate on defining your vision and what success looks like, map out how to get you there, and agree on which points along the journey matter most to you. Those milestones will form anchor points for your overarching strategic narrative. This is a really fun process that we can do virtually or in person!


Developing a strategic narrative

A strategic narrative is the overarching story of your brand. Yet, all too often, the narrative is completely absent. Stories are created in isolation without being anchored to anything. This results in fragmented and disjointed bits of story, created by scientific, brand and communications teams, which do not align or tell a consistent story. 

Your narrative should encompass where you have been as a brand, where you are going, and align customer and stakeholder needs to the needs of your business. It's a shared outcome between you, doctors, patients, caregivers, and others who are part of your brand story. The world's most powerful brands have narratives, and your brand should have one too.


Co-creating stories that matter

You couldn't write a great children's story if you hadn't experienced being a child. Likewise, stories created for patients and carers, healthcare professionals, investors, or even internal teams resonate better when they feature the perspectives of those stakeholders. That's why we believe in co-creation as the cornerstone of great storytelling. 

Monade works primarily with patients and caregivers to co-create content, but we have partnerships with scientific writers and thinkers as well as other copywriters who can bring different perspectives into your story. We would always advise to work with the end-user on stories, it adds authenticity and hits the mark with readers.


Ensuring your stories are heard

After all your hard work creating a vision, understanding customer and stakeholder needs, creating a narrative and co-creating engaging stories, you want to ensure those stories are heard by the right people. We can work with you on developing a dissemination and digital marketing plan to suit your budget and needs. This is one area I have seen so many brands fall down on. They spend all 80% of their budget on content and then have very little for promotion, when really these numbers almost need to be reversed (not quite at that ratio).  Having a few impactful stories shared widely is far better for your brand than having 20 stories that you cannot effectively share and promote! 

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We extend and enhance our capabilities in partnership with companies big and small, to deliver insights, strategy and storytelling capability driven by your business objectives.

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